Chelsea Officials to Ban Supporters after Manchester United Beats Chelsea

Following the match day 26 of 38 in the Premier League Manchester United beats Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. It has been a great game for the Red Devils following its last draw and 2 previous defeats just before heading to Stamford Bridge. Unfortunately there is more to talk about than just the match. Within the match there has been a large group of Manchester United supporters made intolerable homophobic chants. In a professional sport game like this one football match, such a thing is and will always be wrong. That is pretty much the same as racism that was at large back then.

In response to that matter, officials of Chelsea have issued a statement that such a thing will not be tolerated especially at Stamford Bridge. There will be a ban issued by Chelsea officials for that respective group of supporters. The ban will prevent them from attending matches at Stamford Bridge in the future. Unacceptable behavior should always be punished properly in the purpose of preventing such things from happening again in the future. Everyone within the stadium has the same right to get comfortable in enjoying the match without anything that might disturb the activity. It really is a shame for football supporters to act that way.

The loud homophobic chants made by the supporters of Manchester United lead to some supporters to be ejected in the middle of the match. Some of the supporters were even prevented from actually entering the stadium to watch the match. Thus it has been within the right way that officials of Chelsea issue a ban for those supporters. Chelsea officials have contacted Manchester United as well regarding this matter. Soon afterwards Manchester United officials stated that the ban is much needed to deal with such a thing. It is never right to support a football team by doing that particularly embarrassing thing. The loyalty of the supporters is much appreciated that could lead to the fact that Manchester United beats Chelsea. Yet, such a thing should never happen at all in the first place.

This band for the supporters of Manchester United has nothing to do with the game at all. It is strictly a punishment for the irresponsible supporters. The match saw Anthony Martial and Harry Maguire scored a goal each for the Red Devils. Chelsea got the 68% possession of the ball but could not really maximize it to score even just a goal. Even the shots made by United were just 9 times compared to 17 times by Chelsea. Yet the on target shots of United were 3 compared to 1 from Chelsea.

The match itself is an important one for both teams to help secure their respective spot within the league standings. Chelsea currently sits on the fourth place within the Premier League standings. There are just 3 points between Chelsea and Manchester United after the last match. In between them there are Spurs and Sheffield United. Chelsea has even more terrible records for the last five matches compared to United. Chelsea got two defeats, two draws and only one win within the last five matches. That is just as predicted by Frank Lampard following the failure of the club to secure any signings during the winter transfer window in January.

Unfortunately things could get even worse for Chelsea with the upcoming fixture against Spurs. Currently Spurs is in fifth place right below Chelsea on the standings with just a point gap. Chelsea should back to its winning trend to ensure its fourth spot in the standings. On the other hand Manchester United beats Chelsea could be the start of a winning trend within the Red Devils that is much awaited and needed since long ago.